Unlike many of the newly minted professional administrators who claim sleek and sterile computerized transactions, Fidelity Fiduciary Company (FFC) goes above and beyond the basic Medicare compliance duties to include personal contact with all parties and the provision of comprehensive services.

Do you get exhausted with today’s telephone trees, voice prompts, voicemail, and computer generated responses? Do you want a real person to answer your call? At FFC we pride ourselves on calls being answered timely by seasoned claims professionals. We provide excellent customer service results and still save you money!

Key features include:

  • FFC has the capacity to extend the life of every trust fund we administer by providing access to networks that allow for savings below provider charges.
  • Our Claims Director, who is considered an expert in the field of WC claims handling, will answer your phone calls with helpful, useful real information in a real time mode.
  • In-depth case management assistance for accounts/beneficiaries and service providers in the medical or pharmaceutical field.
  • Clinical partnership with S1-Medical, a national medical and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) company. The emphasis is on quality control and continuity for both FFC and the accounts/beneficiaries we serve, including:
    1. Case Management – a partnered-approach to maximum assistance with FFC accounts/beneficiaries and their families by phone, letter and email with the many issues that arise with the administration of medical treatment and medical/pharmacy billing.
    2. Medical Provider Claims Management – assisting various offices and departments within hospitals, outpatient facilities and medical offices prior to billing (preventing errors and stress for accounts/beneficiaries) to insure proper billing, processing of prior-authorizations, benefits coverage, etc.
    3. Nurse Utilization Review – nurses making clinical determinations whether the treatment, supplies and prescriptions being ordered or delivered are: (a) injury-related and (b) Medicare-covered.
    4. Medical Bill Review – adjustments to the billing practices by all providers are reviewed and repriced to the Usual and Customary charges and Workers’ Compensation fee schedules.
    5. Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) – to address prescription/WC/Medicare compliance and make payments well below retail.