Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have someone who can assist us in the process of settling a claim?

Yes. Call or email our CEO Ben Pugh at (205) 901-1116 or and please provide him with the MSA (Allocation/Medical Cost Projection).

What makes FFC stand out from other Professional Administrators?

When it comes to the maximum difference, we offer Hands-on Service:

  1. We provide case management assistance by trained professionals; you will never get a referral to an impossible computer question, an answer screen or an outsourced desk clerk after you finally navigated a frustrating automated response machine as some of our competitors might.
  2. FFC is the ONLY custodial company that will now protect the funds from garnishment or seizure by creditors.
  3. FFC has EXPERIENCE! We are one of the oldest Custodial companies--established in 2001.

How can I make a referral to FFC?

Fill out the short form or the long form and we will follow up with you to get the MSA (Allocation/Medical Cost Projection). Or, simply call us at (866) 642-1237.

How do you extend the life of the funds you administer?

In addition to the Utilization Review process where only approved claims are paid, our Bill Review process insures we pay at and below the appropriate fee schedule -- saving as much as 60% on average-- and our Pharmacy Benefit Management partner secures Rx below the Average Wholesale Price (AWP)—saving as much as 22% on average.

Do you have a Self-Administration Toolkit?

We will provide you with a copy of Medicare’s Self-Administration Toolkit. You can also download it from Medicare's website here. The links to the Toolkit, Sample Letters and Transaction Record Sample (how to keep track of medical and pharmacy expenses) are listed under the “Downloads” section at the bottom of the page.