WCMSA Post-Settlement Advisory Services

For Individuals who are Self-Administering their WCMSA Funds Post-Settlement

Attorneys, carriers or the injured workers/Medicare beneficiaries themselves can consult us by phone, letter or email if you think Medicare compliance of WCMSA funds is at RISK post-settlement. After a year of FREE SERVICES, Fidelity Fiduciary Company (FFC) will be happy to take over these complex duties using our full administration services. AND, we do not require a Set-Up Fee or Annual Administration fee! We also do not need the Injured Worker’s MSA funds in year one but, if the Injured Worker decides to convert to FULL Administration services, we will need them at that time. AND, there is no cost to convert these accounts to FULL - Lifetime Administration Services!

If the decision is to convert from Self-Administration to Professional Administration, we will need the following to properly administer these accounts:

  1. The Court-Approved Settlement Documents
  2. The MSA Allocation (medical cost projections) report
  3. The CMS Approval Letter (if submitted to CMS)
  4. Any CMS Attestation reports already sent to CMS.
  5. A copy of Bank Statements
  6. Remaining Lump Sum or Annuitized funds will need to be transferred from the Beneficiary to FFC
  7. FFC will notify Medicare Regional Offices of the transfer

Settlement Threshold

We will handle settlements of ANY dollar amounts (no minimums or maximums)

Referral Timeline

Referrals come to FFC after the settlement has been court-approved

Services Provided

  • FFC will provide telephone, mail and email services from our professional and administrative staff
  • FFC will provide Medicare’s Self-Administration Toolkit and guide Injured Workers in how to use it
  • FFC will notify Medicare of the change from Self-Administration to Professional Administration if the decision is to convert after the first year

Pricing and Service Date

This is a FREE Service Package, for the first year and additional years, if converted.