Referrals come to FFC for the managing of account funds related to various insurance claims such as Special Needs Trusts, Minors, etc. This program is also for referrals where FFC would manage the Non-Medicare-Covered funds associated and projected on an injured worker’s MSA Allocation.

Term Date

For the lifetime of the beneficiary/account.

Services Include:

  • Medical Custodial Account Agreements signed by all parties
  • Medical claims and Rx prescriptions are sent through Utilization Review to determine relatedness
  • Medical Bill Review services are performed to adjust bills to the appropriate fee schedule
  • Accounts are provided annual financial reports on all account activity
  • Accounts earn annual interest
  • Accounts receive Case Management assistance
  • Accounts receive annual accounting statements of fund income and expenditures
  • Accounts receive 1099-Interest statements for tax purposes


Set-Up Fee (one-time only): $1000